Work’s getting stressful again

March 6, 2009 at 6:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Time to start watching my back again. Oh lordy. Didn’t figure I’d have to go through this again. Plus I know how to play the apathy card these days. But I’ve got no less than two people (probably more, a little less outspoken about it) trying to get me to open up and feel shit :/ Lowering my guard makes me open to this crap too. Yeah, sure I can feel for you and show I care. But I also have to feel all the bad shit which is the whole reason I closed up shop in the first place. Now some people might get what they want. Or some of what they want. But now I have to wonder what I want and how that’s going to get supplied for me. This better not all be some one sided crap that’s for sure… I have my doubts people can really be there for me. And then I’ll just have to close back up again. We’ll see!


In better news, my brother finally got another job. Yay for him :]


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