Brain is itchy

March 4, 2009 at 9:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I need to write soon. I keep getting distracted and let my free alone time slip away. Been abusing my love of nostalgia lately soaking up my time in a 360 game dubbed Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. I’m having more fun romping around in 16–bit games than whatever-bit games of this generation. I’ve been craving a lot of last generation games too. And been enjoying the games from the first wave of this generation. I think I have something against “new” perhaps

As for the writing. I need some inspiration. Or rather… I need drive. I have ideas. I never feel motivated to flesh them out. And on the rare occassions I do, I almost always hit writer’s block. So I have to start out small. Some short easy story to get juices flowing and get progressively more complex. People have always loved my writing style. My discriptive narrative… Can’t say anyone’s ever loved a whole story. Mostly because there rarely is a whole story. A few. Very few

Work’s been stressful lately. I think the economy is taking its toll. Not sure what I’ll do about it. Must do something. Help impliment money saving ideas. Take my tax return and go get checked up by my cardiologist and see if I can start donating for moneys. Keeps me from worrying. But I’m sure I know a few tricks to help save the shelter

It sucks ‘cause things have really started to get nice. I’ve been able to focus on animals lately and there hasn’t been much drama. Been having some major break throughs with some of the animals most had forgotten and given up on. One dog that’s been there for four or five years is now fully obedience trained and passed the canine good citizenship exam. Another that was just a shell of a creature due to zero human contact or socialization is now coming around. She’s been there much longer. Grew up pretty much autistic. Her and her sisters were always called feral. Which usually indicates wild. Which usually means instinct driven. But these dogs aren’d driven by anything. They’re devoid of everything. They just eat and … nothing. They’re just there. Until now. We finally got her comfortable having a leash on. Next step is to walk her with it. She’s been progressing rapidly lately. Giving eye contact, letting her curiosity take over and explore and look at people for once. And most importantly is she loves other animals and is extremely playful once she gets comfortable with a playful companion. Keep up the good work Sheba. I’ll see you through :]

Guess I gotta go shopping now. So much for relaxing and enjoying the night with a soothing mind trip from Donnie Darko. On a brighter side however is that I’m going to be cooking a delicious meal. So nyah. Ta for now, blog


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